Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a consistent pattern of willful abusive behavior or coercive control by one partner in a family/intimate relationship against one or more other individuals in that relationship/household. It can include physical/sexual violence, intimidation, psychological assault and emotional abuse. Medlock Bridge Counseling Center provides assessment and counseling services both for domestic violence victims and domestic violence offenders.

If you are a victim of domestic violence currently in immediate danger, call 911.

After office hours, please call Georgia’s 24-hour domestic violence hotline, (800) 33-HAVEN (800-334-2836) to talk to an advocate about how to plan for safety or how you can assist a friend who may be experiencing domestic violence.

If You Are A Victim of Domestic Violence

Anyone can be abused and, if you are being abused, it’s important to know that it’s not your fault. It’s completely the choice of the abuser to abuse and nothing you have done or are doing justifies it.

Domestic violence can begin in subtle ways and slowly worsen over time. Escaping an abusive relationship can be both difficult and dangerous because abusers tend to escalate power and control if there’s any hint the victim is trying to leave or terminate the relationship.

The licensed professional counselors at Medlock Bridge Counseling Center can help you you develop a specific safety plan for you and/or your family based on your particular circumstances. To schedule a confidential conversation, please call (770) 495-6339 from a safe location.

If You’ve Been Arrested for Domestic Violence

The licensed professional counselors at Medlock Bridge Counseling Center provide court-ordered and court-related anger management assessments and anger counseling for those who are mandated or required by court services or their probation officer to get an assessment, or to individuals wanting an assessment for his/her own personal needs. Our anger management programs are compliant with the State of Georgia, including those that may have been court ordered or as a preemptive response to being arrested or convicted of domestic violence in the State of Georgia.

We specialize in a variety of anger management-related services including:

  • anger assessment
  • clinical anger assessment
  • clinical anger evaluation
  • anger management evaluation
  • anger treatment
  • anger therapy
  • anger management programs

Medlock Bridge Counseling Center provides treatment-related documentation to courts, anger management evaluations, works with probation requirements and provides treatment that conforms to the court requirements. Anger management counseling with one of our licensed professional counselors normally will satisfy court or DFCS-ordered requirements for anger management counseling.

Please contact Medlock Bridge Counseling Center at (770) 495-6339 for questions and additional information about our domestic violence and/or anger management counseling.