Marital/Family Counseling

Any relationship — even the most loving — can hit a rocky patch from time to time and for a variety of reasons. While most relationship problems are resolved in stride by the couple, sometimes the challenges can be more than you and your partner can handle on your own. Medlock Bridge Counseling Center can help you sort through the routine relationship and family challenges before they can become more serious.

While a variety of circumstances can bring stress to a relationship, communication problems tend to be a common thread through most couple conflicts. Cumulatively over time, lack of adequate repair following arguments is a significant contributor to marital unhappiness and perhaps even breakup/divorce. At Medlock Bridge Counseling Center, our focus is on assisting couples (and families) with identifying the root cause(s) for their conflict while helping each partner/family member learn to stay calm, better regulate his/her emotions and learn/use healthy communication skills to resolve relationship problems proactively.

Leading Causes of Relationship Stress

  • Financial problems
  • Infidelity
  • Poor communication
  • Loss of sexual intimacy
  • Conflicts about how to parent
  • Substance abuse
Please contact Medlock Bridge Counseling Center at (770) 495-6339 for questions and additional information about our couples and family counseling.