Workplace Conflict

Conflict is an inevitable part of human relationships, including (and sometimes especially) with those in the workplace. However, not all conflict has to automatically be destructive. While a majority of employees in today’s workforce have experienced (or will experience) workplace conflict, Medlock Bridge Counseling Center can provide tools to transform negative conflict into positive outcomes by helping you change how you approach it.

Resolving workplace conflict is one of the biggest challenges managers and employees face. Some estimates suggest that a manager might spend more than 25 percent of his/her time dealing with workplace conflict. The result:

  • Decreased Productivity
  • Lower Morale
  • Increased Absenteeism

Common Causes of Workplace Conflict

  • Poor Communication
  • Poor Performance
  • Differing Opinions about How to Accomplish a Task
  • Competing for Boss’ Attention/More Resources
  • Personality Conflicts

Our natural tendency with conflict is either to fully engage in it or run away from it. However, neither approach is very effective since the source of the conflict is never actually resolved. Learning to resolve conflict constructively helps us not only eliminate the specific conflict, but actually open the door to greater creativity and collaboration with increased overall job satisfaction and performance. Medlock Bridge Counseling Center’s professional counselors use a variety of approaches in working with individuals struggling with personal or workplace conflict.

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